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Pergola Market Overview

Simply by searching the term ‘Pergola’ on Google there are over 146,000,000 search results generated. You are still left with thousands of results even by narrowing down the search criteria to ‘retractable’ or ‘bioclimatic pergola’. From a buyer’s perspective, this can be confusing, as a lot of these results show companies offering very similar types of solutions so where do you start?

We thought it would be helpful to put together some guidance on the different groups and what you should expect from each in terms of design features, quality, pricing, and more general oversight, which will help you find the right type of solution for your project.

DIY Pergolas
Looking for a simple, practical covering for your outdoor space to use in the summer? An off-the-shelf pergola may be the best solution for your space. Designed to be bought online or through a local retailer they are a self-assembly affair normally taking a day or so. Roof slats are manually operated with a handle giving you shading control for your space. You can add manually operated drop-down screens with some retailers, they are fitted to the beam in their housing box they provide an effective solution for sun shading. A practical shading solution for the summer but user comfort is limited as well as the general design details being reflective of the price.

  • Designed for spring/summer use only
  • Self installation
  • Lead time 1 – 3 weeks
  • Price range £3K – £7K
  • Manually operated roof slats
  • Manually operated drop down screens
  • Limited frame colour selection
  • Water resistant (summer shower, not sustained rainfall)

This is the level of the market where the design of the pergola starts to become much more refined as the pergola is intended to be used for the majority of the year with more customisable features. Manufacturers at this level will only offer motorised roof systems which are designed with higher water and wind resistance ratings. Internal drainage through the leg columns creates a space protected from the elements from above. Closure systems are much more advanced with sliding glass doors and motorised blinds options. The drop-down blinds are retrofit units, meaning their housing unit is added to the frame separately. LED spotlighting or partial LED strip lighting is available on some models as well as the frames having a range of RAL colour options. Collectively, this category creates very versatile and comfortable spaces to keep you enjoying the outdoors no matter the weather.

  • Designed for year round use
  • Self installation or installed by retailer
  • Lead time 6 – 8 weeks
  • Price range £12K – £25K
  • More options (e.g Siding glass, LED spot lighting, heaters)
  • Motorised bioclimatic and retractable roof options
  • Motorised drop down blinds (retrofitted)
  • Wider frame colour selection
  • Waterproof roof with internal drainage
  • More refined design with hidden fixings

Bespoke Luxury
Designed to be the outdoor extension of your interior living area, the luxury sector of the pergola market is for those projects which require exceptional attention to detail. This segment offers more flexible roof systems, as well as the traditional bioclimatic and retractable fabric options there are hybrid bioclimatic/retractable roof options, the benefit being you have the advantages of a fully retractable roof whilst retaining the desired aesthetical appeal of a louvred roof. Customisability is a key consideration with a wide variety of additional features all of which are more refined in their design. Dropdown blinds are housed within the pergola frame meaning you can retract them fully, leaving you with a completely unobstructed view. Additionally, the blinds embedded in the frame allow you to add side sliding glass door systems, giving you a year-round space whilst maintaining shading control for your space. Single module size dimensions are larger with modularity built into the design, allowing you to cover larger areas seamlessly, perfect for a large residential or commercial project. The focus remains on the user experience, fusing GPS wind and rain sensors with automation technology creates a space that is self-managing and more relaxing to spend long periods in. Typically, these pergolas are manufactured in Europe with the most renowned manufacturers in this sector being based in Germany and Italy.

  • Designed for year round use depending on configuration
  • Installed by retailer only
  • Lead time 8 – 12 weeks (some manufactures – 23 weeks)
  • Price range £18K – £50K +
  • Siding Glass + optional tinting/mirror finishes
  • More customisable options (Dimmable LED lighting, Variable Heating, Speakers, Cooling systems)
  • Motorised bioclimatic and retractable roof options with automation and sensor options
  • Hybrid retractable/bioclimatic roof systems
  • Integrated motorised drop down blinds with multiple fabric choices
  • Any RAL frame colour selection
  • Waterproof roof with internal drainage, Beaufort Scale 9 + wind ratings
  • Invisible fixings and screws
  • Home automation/smart phone control

Hopefully, this oversight of the pergola market has provided you with a better understanding of what to expect from different manufacturers and price ranges. If you have any questions or are still unclear about what you require for your project, then please reach out to one of our team and they will happy to advise.

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