Pergola planning guidelines can be very unclear. Typically, 80% of the time, you won’t need planning permission for a residential project. However, requirements vary depending on your local authority. You may need planning permission if:

  • Your property is within a conservation area
  • Your Property is listed
  • The pergola is on the front aspect of your property

If your structure is within 2m of your property boundary, the maximum height allowed is 2.5m. Beyond that, you are willed up to 3m under permitted development rights. Our pergolas are considered temporary structures, which often influence planning decisions. Should you have any concerns we would advise that you consult with your local planning authority.

Should you require planning permission we are here to help and can provide detailed 3D Renderings of the proposed project along side technical plans which can be submitted.

In London, planning permission follows similar principles to those discussed above regarding conservation areas and listed buildings. However, due to the proximity of neighbouring properties, structures must typically be below 2.5m in height within 2m of the boundary. Our standard pergola height is 2.5m. Again we would always recommend consulting your local planning authority for clarification or to understand their stance on your project.

Yes, we cover the entire UK Mainland as well as Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Thanks to our broad partner network, we operate and install overseas. Our team loves new challenges and depending on the project size, we’ll send our full team or a head fitter, coordinating with local teams to cut costs. This service is especially popular among British nationals with second homes abroad as they know they will smooth project and high-quality service from a trusted UK company.

We don’t have a showroom you can visit, but we do have clients across the UK who are happy to show you their projects. This way, you can see how our pergolas look in real settings and talk to someone who has used our service. You can also check out our virtual showroom online.

Our Pergolas are a great way to add value to your home. Since COVID-19, home buyers have prioritised outside space in their purchasing criteria.

Currently, the lead time is 7-8 weeks once your order is placed. We like to remind customers that creating the outdoor space they dream of is a project and not just a purchase.

It depends on how big and complicated the project is. We always consider your schedule, especially if you’re running a business. For bars or restaurants, we suggest installing during winter when it’s not peak season to avoid any downtime.

Yes, our pergola collections are great for pool and spa areas. They let you enjoy your outdoor spa throughout the year and offer shade in the summer. The only drawback is that condensation may form on the roof’s underside in winter due to the heat from the spa or pool compared to the outside temperature.

Yes, providing there’s enough stability and a firm base, we can securely fix the structure without any problems. However, many roof terraces aren’t initially designed for this, so sometimes we’ll need to build a floating steel base to ensure safety during installation. It’s wise to have a qualified structural engineer survey your terrace to confirm it can support the weight of the new structure.

Roof terraces can also be tricky due to limited access. Whilst we build the structure on-site, the parts are often big and heavy, making them challenging to fit in standard lifts or around small fire escapes. However, we’re resourceful and can organise alternative methods to overcome access issues.

The Gennius® range seamlessly integrates multiple features. Typically, adding Line Glass sliding doors would block drop-down blinds. However, with Gennius®, the horizontal beams are made to accommodate the blind internally, allowing space for the glass to fit. Gennius® also supports dimmable internal LED lighting and color-changing external LEDs, all controllable via remote. In summary, Gennius® makes your space more unified and easier to use.

If you have any more questions or queries which we haven’t addressed, please get in touch with one of our team.

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