Outdoor Kitchens

COOXS Outdoor Kitchens are a celebration of alfresco living, handcrafting unique spaces that are at the very heart of social occasions and intimate moments. Through our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, we will transform your idea into the heart and soul of your outdoor space to be enjoyed all year round with your friends and family.

Beautiful kitchen craftsmanship should not just be limited to the interior of your home and with COOXS it is now part of your garden too!

    Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

    Big Green Egg

    The ultimate kamado since 1984. A charcoal barbecue which doubles as a smoker is the heart of any outdoor kitchen. Made from NASA-Graded ceramics provides extreme temperature durability and with a lifetime guarantee you are set for life!

    Pizza ovens

    A must-have in all outdoor kitchens! Traditionally wood-fired for that smokey taste or maybe you prefer a gas-fired for that to go pizza, both options have the added benefit of being duel-fuel to provide options. Two style options from a classic Alfa Forni to a more modern Gozney Dome.

    Indu+ induction

    The latest generation of outdoor induction technology suited to harsh outdoor environments for hotplate functionality all year round!

    CASO Wine Cooler

    Featuring a two-zone temperature control system with a 5˚C – 20˚C range allows you to store your white wine at a perfect, crisp temperature and your Bordeaux at a more moderate room temperature ready for those boozy BBQs!

    CASO BBQ Cooler

    German engineering at its finest, offers a superior cooling capacity for use during warm summer barbecue seasons. A stainless steel interior ensures hygienic storage and easy cleaning with a stylish finish.

    Beefeater Proline Grill

    Top-of-the-range luxury gas barbecues designed and developed in Australia the home of the ‘Barbie’. Featuring 6 gas burners makes for a quick heat-up time and even cooking for all meat. Sleek in design and made entirely from stainless steel

    PITT Gas Hob

    Luxurious glass burners individually integrated into your kitchen worktop. Handmade from cast iron and with individual mounting ensures a tailored layout suited to your ergonomic preferences.


    A modern take on a traditional South African Braai crafted from 303 stainless steel with a double wall design to retain heat and ensure safety. Wood or charcoal fuelled ensures you add a beautifully smokey, rich taste to your food whilst creating an occasion for everyone to enjoy.


    Dekton by Cosentino is a high-performance, high-quality worktop material that is used for both indoor and outdoor applications. What makes it perfect for outdoor kitchen worktops is its high resistance to; scratches, UV, stains and heat. Designed with a low thermal expansion coefficient means excellent resistance to thermal shock, for example – if you were to place a hot pan on the worktop whilst cooking in zub-sero temperatures you won’t crack the worktop which is important to factor in when our kitchens are designed to live outside with no covers or protection.

    Combined with the 25-year guarantee, you can rest assured that your outdoor kitchen will withstand the more extreme conditions found in the UK environment and anything you can throw at it.

    We will bring samples of all the Dekton design options to your outdoor kitchen consultation, Click here to get a preview of the Dekton Range.

    Kitchen Process Timeline

    Outdoor Kitchen FAQ

    COOXS is very different to any other outdoor kitchen manufacturer, they are the only company to manufacture their kitchens entirely from aluminium – No harmful plastic, no composite knock-offs all exclusively aluminium from the ground up with a little bit of stainless steel thrown in for good measure. Their extensive field testing has proven this is the only way to create an outdoor kitchen which is suited to the harsh environment found here in the UK and across northern Europe.

    COOXS’ attention to detail is shown throughout the design and manufacturing process, for example, they bond the front panels of each unit to the draw or door frame with a special adhesive rather than welding which would heat the aluminium up and create a distortion in the finished on the external side.

    Each kitchen is finished with a fine molecular powder coating which bonds deeply to the aluminium molecules creating the most exquisite finish with a perfect texture which is far superior to what can be achieved with plastic-based materials.

    Hot and cold water access with a sink is a huge quality-of-life addition to your kitchen. Rather than needing to go indoors for water access, having a sink unit means that you can spend more time outdoors and allows you to wash vegetables before cooking, wash your hands after handling raw meat and wash up any pots, pans or plates after the meal. Also to note, should you want a sink think about drainage as well.

    Gas grilling is faster and often more convenient to wood or charcoal-based options. Options for Gas are either traditional bottled Gas or mains plumbed-in Gas. Pros & Cons, Gas bottles are the most straightforward option and can be hidden within a kitchen unit out of sight but easily accessible but they do require changing and normally right when you want to use it! Mains Gas avoids this issue but requires a lot more planning and establishment costs due to the nature of Gasworks. It is important to bear this in mind and plan for it should you want to go down the main gas connection route.

    Appliances such as the CASO BBQ cooler, wine fridge and Indu + Induction hobs all require an electrical connection. As you would need to input electricity into the kitchen we recommend taking the opportunity and adding charging sockets for phones, speakers and any future appliances as it is as much about enjoying your kitchen now as it is in the future and you never know what you might want to add down the line.

    We will consult with you and create a utility plan suitable to your design and requirements.

    As per the Opulent Touch, right from the initial design meeting, all the way through to firing up your kitchen for the first time we will manage and look after your project through our dedicated team. We like to ensure there personal touch to every project and we work very closely with you to ensure your kitchen is perfect and both our and your expectations, this is why we only install via our experienced technicians.

    Often an outdoor kitchen is part of a wide landscaping or building project so we will liaise directly with your contractors to ensure a smooth and coordinated approach from utility installation to the kitchen build itself, we must be all on the same page.

    Please note, that any electrical, plumbing and gas works outside of the kitchen units will need to be completed via a qualified engineer.

    All COOXS outdoor kitchens come with a 5-year guarantee on the kitchen frame, units and draws. All Dekton worktops have a 25-year guarantee and is registered via us upon installation.

    All appliances are subject to their warranties, as a base they will be a minimum of 2 years with the majority having a 5-year warranty.

    All technical support and warranty are serviced via our dedicated team who are just a phone call away.

    Yes, if you have a specific appliance or feature you want to integrate we can achieve this. That is the beauty of a COOXS outdoor kitchen, anything is possible as they are individually engineered for each project to meet and surpass the client’s expectations.

    Can I have one on my roof terrace? – Yes, roof terraces are the perfect spaces to utilise an outdoor kitchen. Often with fantastic views.

    As per the Design Process timeline, we work to a lead-time of 8-10 weeks from start to finish, this includes all design work, modelling, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

    You do not need planning for an outdoor kitchen generally speaking. All of our outdoor kitchens are temporary structures as they are not fixed to your property as they are freestanding units which can be moved if required. Instances, where you may require planning permission for your outdoor kitchen are if the height extends higher than 2.5m within 2m of your property boundary as per Permitted development rights. Similarly, if you plan to create a covered outdoor kitchen area with a bioclimatic pergola or similar then you will want to check the planning on that, click here to see our dedicated section on pergola planning. If you live in a listed building it might also be worth checking if you require prior approval for your outdoor kitchen.

    Does this change in London? – Whilst planning permission in London is slightly different, the same principles apply meaning you don’t require planning for your outdoor kitchen in London providing it meets the above criteria. Should you have any concerns please check with your local planning authority.