Kedry Skylife

The most modern and versatile system yet, featuring the first retractable and rotating roof system. Part of the Gennius® range creates bespoke solutions for your project.

Guide Price for a 3m x 3m:
£13,410.00 (Ex VAT)

    Kedry Prime

    A traditional Bioclimatic pergola with rotating louver blades. Featuring the largest size dimensions of the bioclimatic range and Genius® compatible.

    Guide Price for a 3m x 3m:
    £11,560.00 (Ex VAT)

      Kedry Plus+

      With its clean lines and simplistic design, this pergola is perfect for any garden space. Optional LED and closure systems provide a variety of options.

      Guide Price for a 3m x 3m:
      £10,780.00 (Ex VAT)

        How does a Bioclimatic Pergola benefit you?

          • Embrace your outdoor space: the flexibility and versatility of the product will allow you to increase the use of your outdoor space, taking full advantage of our warmer summer season and also the cold and wet times in between.
          • Complementary Feature: the sleek, crisp modern design provides a new dynamic to your property which creates a relaxing social space outside the internal property.
          • Personalised customisation: LED lighting, heating, integrated Bluetooth audio systems and a wide range of colours.
          • Effective temperature and shade control: unlike a normal awning, the rotating louvers give you the control at your fingertips to alter the level of sunlight passing through, providing you with optimal shading.

          Frame & Louvered Blade Colour Options

          Genius® Additional Features

          Line Glass Doors
          Frameless sliding glass door system providing full closure to the elements. Fitted with gaskets between panes to prevent horizontal weather ingress. Operated by a foot catch with the ability to slide either way, allows for easy operation and maintenance. Available with frosted, mirrored and tinted glass effects upon request.

          Drop-Down Fabric Screens
          With transparent, translucent or opaque fabric options, our drop-down screens provide a flexible closure solution. Fully housed within the crossbeam retains the sleek appearance of the pergola without you knowing the blinds are even there once retracted.

          Internal LED lighting
          LED strips run along the length of the gutter with 3 luminous settings to create a relaxing evening space without the need for additional lighting sources. LEDs are only on the projection side of the structure. Controlled from the handset.

          Heating Solutions
          Overhead heaters ranging from 1.8KW to 3KW to keep your space comfortable whilst being controlled via the pergola remote. Other solutions include underfloor heating, chemical fireplaces and fire-pits, each bespoke to your project requirements.

          Somfy Smart Home Integration

          Somfy Tahoma system is a smart home hub for your structure. With live weather updates, automatic operation and wireless compatibility with a variety of features in one central system make your experience as convenient as possible.
          If you would like to find out more or enquire about your very own glass roof project please contact us below: